Taming The Most Fattening Excuses In The World Book

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research on decision making, this book can help you understand and overcome your barriers to achieving weight loss. Then, you can move on to a scientifically sound, remarkably clear, comfortable, and very effective journey to permanent weight loss.The two major steps toward that success are:

• Tame the very common but problematic thinking (called Stymie Beasts) that creates challenging obstacles to weight management.

• Learn how to implement the approach to lifestyle change that makes losing weight easiest and most effective: Very Low Fat (VLF) Healthy Obsession Pathway (HOP).

Overcome your barriers to achieving weight loss.

Then, you can move on to a scientifically sound, remarkably clear, comfortable, and very effective journey to permanent weight loss.

“With Taming…, Dr. Kirschenbaum continues in his role as the foremost author of communicating the science plus the ʻhow toʼ of weight loss. He humanizes the familiar stumbling blocks of long-suffering dieters and empathically provides the ʻhow toʼ tools to ʻtame the beastsʼ — to make the elusive transition from ʻI canʼt do itʼ to ʻI can do it.ʼ Bravo!”


Behavioral Health Benefits

You may have heard the terms “mental health” and “behavioral health” used interchangeably but there is actually a difference between the two. Mental health focuses on a number of factors that influence your emotional well-being, including your biology, psychological state, personal habits and more.

What is Behavioral Health

Behavioral health, on the other hand, is a sub discipline within the broader category of mental health. Behavioral health focuses on your habits and how they impact your overall physical and mental state. For example, compulsive eating, substance abuse, gambling, and sex addiction are all examples of behavioral health problems. Therefore, behavioral health therapy is an effort to change unhealthy habits and patterns in order to correct these underlying issues.

How GA Pain and Spine uses Behavioral Health for Their Patients

At Georgia Pain and Spine Care’s Newnan, LaGrange and Peachtree City locations we utilize state of the art cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to treat the underlying causes of addiction and help you make the change you need and want to make. CBT is a scientific approach that is based on developing a close and collaborative relationship between the therapist and the patient. CBT therapists focus on the way that a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors contribute to their total health (often negatively) and seeks to affect positive and lasting change. For example, one of our therapists, Dr. Dan Kirschenbaum has written a new book that talk about how behavioral therapy can help you change your eating habits and live a healthier life. When you come to Georgia Pain and Spine you get the best state of the art care in all dimensions of your life working with noted experts like Dr. Kirschenbaum.

How Does it Benefit Pain Treatment and More

Georgia Pain and Spine’s behavioral health programs help you manage and reduce both physical and emotional pain so that you can live a happier, more fulfilling life. Our experts are well versed in all the latest therapeutic approaches including dissociation (distraction, focusing on an alternative), progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and self-regulatory training. We also help you combat emotional pain and reduce stress using Rational Emotive Therapy, relaxation techniques, coping skills training, and work/life balance therapy.

If your suffering from an eating disorders or other behavioral health issues, please reach out to our expert staff at one of our three locations in Newnan, LaGrange or Peachtree City.