Spinal Cord Stimulation Benefits

Spine pain can be a crippling and debilitating condition that prevents you from enjoying the things you love in life. Whether you like to golf, go boating, hiking, surfing or some other activity you may find these activities impossible with uncontrolled spine pain. At Georgia Spine and Pain, we understand how important an active lifestyle is to your overall mental and physical well-being, we will leave no stone unturned to help you overcome this pain and live the life you want and deserve. Which is why we are proud to offer Spinal Cord Stimulation treatment at our Newnan, Peachtree City, and LaGrange locations.

How Spinal Cord Stimulation Works

Spinal cord stimulation uses low intensity electrical signals to block the transmission of pain from your spinal column to your brain. How does the procedure work? Typically, a needle is used to implant a small device near your spine. Following this step, a small incision is made in the upper part of the buttock and the pulse generator is put in place. The pulse device delivers the electrical signals that stop pain transmission. The advantage of this technique is that it puts you, the patient, in control you can turn the current on or off and adjust the intensity of the signal. Some devices cause what is described as a pleasant tingling sensation while with others you may feel nothing at all, but that doesn’t mean it is not working!1

Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices

Newer devices are fully implantable and can be recharged through the skin, no need for additional surgical procedures! You can discuss with your Doctor as to which type of device and procedure would be best in your particular situation. Now it should be noted that Spinal Cord Stimulation is not for everyone and is not the first choice for back pain treatment. However, for those who have had unsuccessful back surgeries or adverse reactions to various pain medications it is certainly an option that should be considered.2 Don’t let back pain keep you from enjoying life, call Georgia Spine and Pain today and let us help get you back on your feet!


Behavioral Health Benefits

You may have heard the terms “mental health” and “behavioral health” used interchangeably but there is actually a difference between the two. Mental health focuses on a number of factors that influence your emotional well-being, including your biology, psychological state, personal habits and more.

What is Behavioral Health

Behavioral health, on the other hand, is a sub discipline within the broader category of mental health. Behavioral health focuses on your habits and how they impact your overall physical and mental state. For example, compulsive eating, substance abuse, gambling, and sex addiction are all examples of behavioral health problems. Therefore, behavioral health therapy is an effort to change unhealthy habits and patterns in order to correct these underlying issues.

How GA Pain and Spine uses Behavioral Health for Their Patients

At Georgia Pain and Spine Care’s Newnan, LaGrange and Peachtree City locations we utilize state of the art cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to treat the underlying causes of addiction and help you make the change you need and want to make. CBT is a scientific approach that is based on developing a close and collaborative relationship between the therapist and the patient. CBT therapists focus on the way that a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors contribute to their total health (often negatively) and seeks to affect positive and lasting change. For example, one of our therapists, Dr. Dan Kirschenbaum has written a new book that talk about how behavioral therapy can help you change your eating habits and live a healthier life. When you come to Georgia Pain and Spine you get the best state of the art care in all dimensions of your life working with noted experts like Dr. Kirschenbaum.

How Does it Benefit Pain Treatment and More

Georgia Pain and Spine’s behavioral health programs help you manage and reduce both physical and emotional pain so that you can live a happier, more fulfilling life. Our experts are well versed in all the latest therapeutic approaches including dissociation (distraction, focusing on an alternative), progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and self-regulatory training. We also help you combat emotional pain and reduce stress using Rational Emotive Therapy, relaxation techniques, coping skills training, and work/life balance therapy.

If your suffering from an eating disorders or other behavioral health issues, please reach out to our expert staff at one of our three locations in Newnan, LaGrange or Peachtree City.