At Georgia Pain and Spine Care, we offer minimally-invasive procedures to help patiences cope with their chronic and acute pain in our White Oak Surgery Center office.We understand that any procedure, small or large, can be a nerve-wracking experience and that a fear of injections (Trypanophobia) or needles (Belonephobia) are very real conditions that affect more than 20% of the United States population.

We strive to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible when it comes to procedures by now offering light anesthesia.

Ask one of our White Oak Surgery Center staff members today if light anesthesia is available for the upcoming procedure you will have with us.

Keeping our Patients Educated…

Pain management goes much deeper than just a prescription and hoping for the best – we do more than that, we offer many different types of treatments, procedures and even injections to help assist in managing your pain.

We have selected a variety of videos and printable material in regards to the procedures and treatments we offer for our patients.

Every individual and their pain is different which is why we have also included information regarding conditions that cause pain. You may be able to relate to some of them listed.

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Supartz FX

Anatomy Of The Spine

Conditions That Cause Pain


Conditions That Cause Pain

Better Health Clinical Research

Why clinical trials?

Clinical Trials, also known as clinical research, is the study in human volunteers to answer specific health questions. They are by far the fastest way to find new and improved treatments that work in people and ways to improve health. The studies test the efficacy and safety of investigational drugs and devices as well as provide information about dose levels and how the drug is metabolized by our bodies.

Learn more about how you can become a part of our clinical trial team today! We are currently enrolling for several different studies!

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