This is where to find the best pain management clinic LaGrange offers. The hard working citizens of LaGrange deserve the very best in pain management services. As home to the oldest private college in the State of Georgia, LaGrange is on the forefront of many things, including pain management. Back injuries can be painful, debilitating, even crippling if left untreated. The medical professionals at Georgia Spine and Pain Care in LaGrange are the go to experts for dealing with your spine pain. We have been providing premiere pain management services to the citizens of Troup and surrounding counties since 2010. Our goal in dealing with spinal injuries and spine pain is to get you back on your feet and living the lifestyle you want to live we can help you manage or even eliminate back pain.How do we help you accomplish these goals? We utilize state of the art technology and a caring staff that puts the patient first. Our team of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals give us confidence when we say we offer the best pain management services in LaGrange that it is not a boast but a simple statement of fact.

At our pain management clinic in LaGrange we offer:

  • Specialized spine pain management procedures
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Personalized physical therapy geared towards your individual needs
  • Education and assistance in living a healthier lifestyle
  • Close coordination of medical care with your other doctors

At Georgia Pain and Spine we are your pain doctors! You don’t need to suffer from excruciating back pain a moment longer. Our approach to pain management services puts YOU first, we will go right to the source of the pain and develop a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Operating from our pain management clinic in LaGrange we have developed a holistic approach to treatment that recognizes that pain medication and invasive surgery are not the only means to treat spine pain.

Pain Management Clinic LaGrange

Lagrange Office

105A Corporate Plaza Drive
Lagrange, GA 30242
: 770 252-7513

The best pain doctor’s in LaGrange promise you:

    • We will work with you to make sure you are healthy and active
    • We will provide you with educational materials you can use to help avoid injuries
    • We will treat your pain at the source, not just hand you pain medication
    • We will partner with you to give you the best and most active life for your needs
    • We will strive to always provide cost effective care without unnecessary tests or medical procedures

Don’t let your life be defined by pain! Whether your injury was caused by a lifetime of repetitive labor or is sports related or the result of an accident, we can help! Call our pain management clinic in LaGrange today and we can start working together to reduce or eliminate your spine pain. We are located at 303 Smith Drive, 2nd Floor LaGrange, GA 30240. We can also be reached by phone at 678-800-0099 and by fax at 770-252-7513.