Pain-Free Walking For Exercise and Overall Health

Pain-Free Walking For Exercise and Overall Health

Walking has so many benefits from increasing your heart rate to lowering your stress levels. It might seem like an intuitive thing to do without any thought, but there are good techniques when it comes to walking. Our focus here is how to utilize the many benefits of walking for health but without the negative […]

Good Posture During Quarantine Can Prevent Future Pain

With so many people working from home and in general spending almost every waking moment at their house means sitting and even standing at a desk is happening much more. During this time making sure you are keeping good posture can assist in preventing future pain, or making sure your current ailments are not irritated […]

Taming The Most Fattening Excuses In The World Book

Based on Nobel Prize-winning research on decision making, this book can help you understand and overcome your barriers to achieving weight loss. Then, you can move on to a scientifically sound, remarkably clear, comfortable, and very effective journey to permanent weight loss.The two major steps toward that success are: • Tame the very common but […]

Spinal Cord Stimulation Benefits

Spine pain can be a crippling and debilitating condition that prevents you from enjoying the things you love in life. Whether you like to golf, go boating, hiking, surfing or some other activity you may find these activities impossible with uncontrolled spine pain. At Georgia Spine and Pain, we understand how important an active lifestyle […]

Behavioral Health Benefits

You may have heard the terms “mental health” and “behavioral health” used interchangeably but there is actually a difference between the two. Mental health focuses on a number of factors that influence your emotional well-being, including your biology, psychological state, personal habits and more. What is Behavioral Health Behavioral health, on the other hand, is […]