Welcome, New Patients

We’d like to thank you for choosing Georgia Pain and Spine Care.

There are several pain management facilities in Georgia and you chose us, we thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Our promise to you is to do everything possible to manage or completely relieve you of your pain – no matter whether it is severe or mild, large or small, acute or chronic.

Before becoming a new patient, we ask that you please view the below prerequisites that we must obtain in order to move forward with scheduling your first appointment with us.

The reason for prerequisites is to not only help treat you more effectively and efficiently, but to also maintain the safety of the most important people we cater to – you, our patient.

” A dismissal letter is required if transferring from a pain management physician/practice.”

New Patient Coordinator

New Patient Coordinator:  678-800-0096
New Patient Coordinator Fax Line:  678-854-9937

Georgia Pain and Spine Care
1665 Highway 34 E Suite 100
Newnan Georgia 30265

Printable PDF New Patient Packet
Please choose this option if you wish to print the New Patient Packet and manually fill it out to turn in prior to your appointment.

New Patient Packet
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You must be referred to our clinic by a physician or insurance company. (The referral can be mailed, faxed or dropped off at our office to our New Patient Coordinator.)

Any and all medical records from any physicians that have been involved in your pain care for the past two years must be obtained and sent to our office. We have medical request forms that we can send out on your behalf – but you must consent to this prior.

Any and all imaging or imaging reports such as CT scans, x-rays or MRIs from the past two years must be obtained and sent to our office. Again, we can request this on your behalf but you must consent to this.

The New Patient Packet must be fully completed and turned into our New Patient Coordinator prior to scheduling any appointment for you. We offer our New Patient Packet both in an online and printable version.

Please bring with you to your first appointment a valid, non-expired copy of your driver’s license and your insurance card.

Why prerequisites?

In order for you, our patient, to receive the best possible care, we ask that these prerequisites be completed so that we have full knowledge of your history, conditions and what we need to do on our part to better serve you!

Items such as medical records, reports and imaging help us diagnose your condition more efficiently and should additional items be needed, they can be discussed on a “day one” basis thus allowing us to expedite service for you and not drag out your treatment.

The more we know up front, the easier it is for us to order tests, diagnositcs, imaging, etc. in our office.

As far as new patient paperwork, it’s vital for us to have all of your information on file “day one” so that we may have access to your immediate information for reports and records we chart in-house. (your full name, date of birth, etc.)

For more information or answers to common questions –