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We encourage you to look over our list of frequently asked questions we have compiled. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please, give us a call!

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My medication has been lost or stolen, can I have another print out or refill of my prescription?

Georgia Pain and Spine Care will not replace lost or stolen medications – no exceptions. We do encourage our patients to file a police report should your medication be stolen for both our record and yours to document your chart. You as a patient are responsible for the safekeeping of your medications.

If I received pain medication, narcotics or opioids from Georgia Pain and Spine Care, will I be eligible for pain medications from any other facility?

No, we have a strict policy on prescribed medications. If you should be in a scenario in which pain medications have been administered or given to you such as surgery or admittance to a hospital; you must notify Georgia Pain and Spine Care immediately and have the facility, office or hospital that administered/prescribed the medication fax their visit/records notes to our office.

I feel that my medication is no longer working for me and my pain. Can the doctor call in another pain reliever until I get into the office?

We apologize for any inconvenience, however all prescription medications at Georgia Pain and Spine Care require an appointment in our office so that we may properly dispose of the prescription that needs to be changed and issue the approved new alternative.

Why am I having a urine screen drug test performed at my visit(s)?

Georgia Pain and Spine Care reserves the right to request a urine drug screen (UDS) at any time while a patient is being treated with prescribed controlled substances. If the results of the urine drug screen reflect improper use of medications that are prescribed or test positive for illegal drugs, a patient is subject to dismissal from the facility.

What will be the cost of my medication?

The cost of your medication depends on what type of medication has been prescribed as well as whether the prescription is being paid for out of pocket or you are using insurance. However, in case you find that your prescriptions are costly or you may be unable to afford them, please check out the Resources section of our website. Within this portion of our website, you will learn about the Good Rx application/website that can help!

I’ve run out of medication/I need a bridge on my medication, what do I do?

We apologize for any inconvenience, however all prescription medications at Georgia Pain and Spine Care require an appointment in our office so that we may properly dispose of the prescription that needs to be changed and issue the approved new alternative.

Do you have my medication in stock, if not, what do I do?

Our Care Plus pharmacist will inform you at the time of your prescription fill in office whether we have your prescription available or not. Should our Care Plus Pharmacy not have your prescription available, you will be directed to your primary pharmacy or a local pharmacy that can help you. Please keep in mind, any prescriptions that are prescribed at Georgia Pain and Spine Care cannot be filled outside of the state of Georgia.

I have insurance, which insurances are accepted both in the Care Plus Pharmacy and within Georgia Pain and Spine Care?

Care Plus Pharmacy does not currently accept Cigna. Georgia Pain and Spine Care accepts all insurances except for the following: Cigna Healthsprings, Tri-Care Prime, Wellcare Medicaid, Blue Value Secure HMO (Medicare), Blue Cross Pathway plans (ex: Blue Pathway X HMO), AARP MedicareComplete Plan 1 & 2, Medicaid Subsidiaries: Caresource, Amerigroup, and Peachstate

Why is it that I can’t seem to get an appointment with the doctor that I have been seeing?

We understand that seeing the doctor you have built a patient/physician relationship with is important. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your next follow up with the provider that you are most comfortable with.

I had my MRI, they said the report was sent to your office – can you give me my results over the phone?

Unfortunately, we cannot give MRI results over the phone. A doctor must go over the results in a scheduled office visit. You can contact our scheduling/appointments department by dialing our main line at 770-252-7557.

I have to leave for vacation, my prescription is due to be refilled during that time, what do I do?

If you are traveling on vacation, be sure to have your prescription filled within the state of Georgia. Due to our physicians not being licensed outside of the state as well as the fact that your prescription may be a narcotic, your prescription cannot be filled anywhere else. Please make arrangements accordingly, again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

I want to become a new patient, must I be referred or how do I obtain a referral to your facility?

Yes, all patients must be reffered to our facility. You can be referred to us by your insurance company or PCP, if you have an HMO or POS insurance plan you will need to be referred to us by your PCP due to billing purposes. For all other insurance plans only require a general referral with records.

I don’t have any images that I know of – are they necessary for my visit?

The physicians use the images to help diagnose and treat the symptoms you are experiencing. If you do not have any images, we will refer you to a health imaging facility in which you can obtain the ordered images that the physician will need.

Why haven’t I been scheduled for an appointment?

At Georgia Pain and Spine Care, we want to be able to give our patients the utmost direct attention and provide them with the best possible care. In order for us to achieve this, we require that the following items be either faxed, mailed or dropped off at our facility before we can schedule your first appointment with any physician:

  1. The New Patient Packet completed and turned into the New Patient Coordinator
  2. Referral from the physician or insurance company referring you to our facility
  3. Current and valid driver’s license or identification card
  4. Current and valid insurance card(s)
  5. Name and phone number of the physician that prescribes your anticoagulant (blood thinner) if applicable
  6. All medical records from all physicians/facilities involved in your pain care for the ongoing/current pain from the past two years
  7. All imaging and imaging reports such as CT scans, x-rays and MRIs from the past two years pertaining to your ongoing/current pain

My referring physician told me that I would be getting an injection, why are we not doing so today?

Our physician will evaluate your pain and needs then determine which procedure or injection you will need. Once this is done, we will process the code of the injection or procedure for billing purposes and then have one of our ASC Scheduling Coordinators contact you to set up the appointment.

I don’t have my copay; could the doctor please see me just this one time?

Unfortunately Georgia Pain and Spine Care request that all patient responsibilities be handled at the time of service; no exceptions. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause however this is mandatory for all doctor visits, not just our facility.