Best Spine Pain Doctors Peachtree CityPatients seeking back injury treatments trust their care to the Best Spine Pain Doctors Peachtree City has to offer, at Georgia Pain and Spine Care.

If left untreated, spinal injuries can affect a patient’s overall health and wellness, with long-lasting pain that hinders their ability to enjoy day-to-day activities. Because each injury and experience with pain is unique, traditional responses that include pain medications or invasive surgeries often mask the problem or do not address the true source of pain.

Our full-time pain management clinic professionals work with each patient to determine the cause and extent of their pain, then devise an individualized treatment plan that includes specialized spine pain management procedures, minimally invasive surgical procedures, and a personalized physical therapy regimen, rather than performing invasive surgeries or offering pain medications that mask the problem rather than solve it.

With our team of the Best Spine Pain Doctors, Peachtree City patients also receive individualized back injury treatments, and education that helps them return to the activities they enjoyed prior to the onset of their pain. Our lifestyle modification programs help them to identify and minimize risks, enabling them to avoid injuries and to manage or even eliminate their pain.

Throughout their treatment program, our patients work with specialists to devise a long-term plan for pain management, which includes pursuing healthy activities, modifying lifestyle choices, and following an overall plan that encourages healthy choices and promotes overall wellness.

We also coordinate our treatment plans with the patient’s primary care physician and medical specialists so that care remains consistent throughout their recovery and beyond.

The Best Spine Pain Doctors – Peachtree City can be found at Georgia Pain and Spine Care, 1975 Hwy 54 W, Suite 100, Peachtree City, GA 30269, where our mission is to help each patient manage their pain as they recover from their injury, so that they may enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, overall wellness, and improved quality of life. Call 678-888-5069 to begin living a life free from pain.