We are a full-time pain management clinic that has been dedicated to providing care for patients in Coweta as well as the surrounding counties since 2010. Our mission is to restore each individual to their original lifestyle prior to the onset of pain and continue to manage or even eliminate it.

We do just that by enforcing active, progressive approaches to pain management; offering numerous minimally-invasive procedures, counseling and educating our patients on how to continue to manage their pain. Our dedicated team of staff and physicians are able to achieve this goal by offering the following to our patients:

  • Specialized pain management procedures
  • Targeted physical therapy
  • Lifestyle education and modification
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Management of their care in respect to other medical services currently being rendered


Our physicians go straight to the source of the pain, analyze the level or levels and then offer individualized treatments, procedures and counseling that best suits each patient. We have proven that our patients do not necessarily have to rely strictly and solely on pain medication or invasive surgeries that can come with lengthy recovery time to cope with their chronic or acute pain.


Instead, we promise the following at Georgia Pain and Spine Care:

  • Treat the source of the pain
  • Promote healthy and active lifestyles
  • Educate our patients on preventative care
  • Restore patients to their most functional, productive and active lifestyle possible
  • Coordinate multidisciplinary approaches
  • Provide cost-effective care by minimizing reliance on health care resources and/or medications


Acute, chronic, persistent and other complex pain conditions can occur at any time –

but it can also be managed, resolved and even prevented.

Conditions That Cause Pain

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